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Typically metal is a lot heavier than most items we generally collect and caution must be exercised when moving this type of material. It is easy to cause damage or injury with sharp metal corners, especially from items such as stainless steel sinks and metal doors. There are usually several other sections that need to be removed upon disposal such as glass, or wooden frames that may be holding panels.

Metal and Scrap Waste collection

If you've a large quantity of copper that require disposal, please contact us for a FREE no obligation quote and we'll come and give you a survey. Copper is usually a brown/reddish coloured metal and more often is used in heating applications.

As a rule, items of scrap metal waste need to be sorted into their own categories upon recycling. For example some items such as iron or tin can be easily identified, although certain items like old copper boilers may have heating elements, that consist of a different type of metal that needs to be separated before it can be disposed of. 

Central heating systems contain a large amount of copper than can be recycled and this can be seen in copper pipe that may have been taken out of an old house or property that has been renovated.

Copper Piping and old boilers