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Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

We take paper, glass, plastic, wood, metal & more!

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Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

Why Rubbish Recycling Is Important To Us

As a licensed waste carrier, the government dictates that there are certain things that we have to do with the waste that we collect. Rubbish recycling isn't an obligation under our licence, but we choose to recycle as much as we can because we see it as part of the duty of care that we have to our customers, to the planet that we live on and to our kids and grandkids that will inherit that planet from all of us. We see recycling as much of our waste as we can as 'doing our bit' to fight climate change and the various types of environmental damage that has been done to the world in the past, and this outlook means that when you choose Senior Waste Removals, you're doing your bit in that fight too.

Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

How Rubbish Recycling Benefits All Of Us

  • Recycling waste and used items cuts down on the amount of 'new' raw materials that need to be extracted from the earth to make more of the recycled material from scratch (e.g. if we melt down the used plastic we already have we can re-use it, rather than using up crude oil reserves to make 'new' plastic).
  • Raw material extraction is known to be particularly harmful to the environment thanks to the amount of carbon emissions it creates. By recycling we cut down on the amount of raw material extraction that needs to be done, and decrease the amount of harm we're doing to the environment, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions too.
  • Recycling also helps to save energy because it reduces the need for raw material extraction and manufacture of the recyclable product. The energy saved here can be redirected to our homes and businesses, potentially also saving us money on our utility bills.
  • Recycling generates jobs, so when we recycle we are indirectly helping to fight unemployment.

(Source: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/sustainable-living/7-benefits-recycling)


Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

Senior Waste Removals' Rubbish Recycling Policy

We'll collect many different recyclable items that can and have many further uses once they are sorted - including paper, glass, plastic, wood, metal and more.

Want More information, or a quote?

No problem - You can use our online calculator to generate a quote for the waste removal job you have on hand, or if you'd like to know more about our rubbish recycling policy or activities, feel free to contact us anytime!

Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

The Kinds Of Waste That We Can Take

We're happy to tell you that the Senior Waste Removals team can accept and recycle many different types of waste, ranging from regular household and garden waste - anything from a cardboard box or bin bag to tree branches, white goods and beyond. If you're a business owner then you'll be glad to know that we do take commercial waste too, as well as a range of items that are potentially difficult to dispose of, like scrap metal or electrical waste. Click the relevant link to be taken to another page on our website dedicated to that particular item and how we deal with it - and of course, know that when we do deal with it we work according to our rubbish recycling policy wherever possible.

Rubbish Recycling With Senior Waste Removals

Want To Learn More About Senior Waste Removals?

Then again, we'll be happy to tell you more about our business! Elsewhere on our site you'll find further information about the geographical areas that we serve, more about the jobs we take on, and our story so far. As always though, if you have a question that you can't find an answer for on our site, feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page - any feedback you can give us like this only helps to improve the standard of service that we can offer back to you as our customer!

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Our Reviews

"I contacted Senior Removals to remove a hefty pile of rubble, bricks and concrete from my lawn. I found their service to be excellent, responding quickly, politely, and very efficiently. The pricing was also good, with 3 hours worth of labour, removal and cleaning of the area, they still managed to beat the price of a skip. I would highly recommend their service"

Adele Waters

"Brilliant service so friendly they are and amazing prices to when.i rang very polite etc and got back to me straight away had all my rubbish removed the lads even swept up afterwards thanks so much i will recommend on my facebook and to friends and family much appreciated"

Katie Louise Lou

"I used senior waste removal to dispose of builders waste from renovating my property. I didnt have room for a skip or the time to wait in for the delivery. Senior waste removals came in cheaper than a skip it was less hastle for me to arrange and saved my self the leg work of filling a skip. They cleared the lot! Nice job guys. Will give you a call when i rip some more out."

Matthew Hammond

"Rang a few places to remove 2 old sofas. Most didn't get back to me and 1 even said it's not worth him coming to do it! I got a response back from Senior Waste Removal who gave me a price to remove them. I booked them to remove them and they came at the time agreed and took them away. Great service and a great price. I now always recommend them to others."

Paul Higson

"What a great service. Communication was excellent from the start. Courteous and pleasant young men who were willing to go that extra mile. I cannot recommend them highly enough. It is seldom that I come across such a great service as this that is so reasonable on price too. Many thanks to Warren and his associate, you did a great job guys"

Donna Smith

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